Tourism Notifications - Southern Israel

Be'erotaim Grove

The Be'erotaim car park will be open to visitors during daytime. Overnight camping in the park is forbidden. There are no restrooms or running water in the park.

Giva'ati Car Park – Closure Due to Safety Hazards

The Giva'ati car park in the Komemiyut Forest (road 35), near the Yoav citadel, is closed for visitors due to safety hazards. The car park will remain locked until the safety hazard are removed.

Haruvit Forest and Tel Azeka - Public Restrooms Closure

Public restrooms are closed until further notice at the Halochem car park in Haruvit forest and at Tel Azeka.

Roeh Car Park

Due to a safety hazard, the car park will be open for visitors during daytime only. Overnight camping and travel are forbidden.

Nahal Hayun Car Park Closure

The Nahal Hayun car park is closed until further notice due to flood damages.

Gvar'am Forest – Construction Works

Due to construction works at the northern part of the forest during weekdays, travelers should practice caution, specially on the bicycle trail, and pay attention to signs.
(Updated March 13th, 2022)

Dudaim Forest – Overnight Camping is Forbidden

Overnight camping at the Helmoniyot Car Park – at the east Lehavim area – is forbidden. Navigation from the Helmoniyot Car Park to the Goral Hills is also forbidden.
(Updated March 7th, 2022)

Dudaim Forest – Navigation at the Goral Hills

Navigation at the Goral hills is allowed from the black surface only. Overnight camping is also allowed at the black surface only. Overnight camping at the nearby grove is forbidden.
(Updated March 7th, 2022)

Hamalachim-Shaharia Forest – Beit Habad Trail

A large section of the trail is still incomplete. Travelers are advised to practice caution.

Yatir Forest

Horvat Anim is closed for visitors.

Lahav Forest

The entrance to Ein Rimon from the road 6 roundabout is closed. The forest trails to the site are closed to private vehicles

Nevia Meri'i Birdwatching Station

Due to safety hazards, the birdwatching station at the Sderot forest is closed until further notice.

KKL-JNF Nursery in Gilat is closed to the Public

The nursery is closed to the public until further notice, due to revision in visitors' policy.

Nahal Shikma – Avoid Using the Matzaim Path along the River

Until further notice, driving and walking the Matzaim path from the Kibbutz Dvir area, which leads westwards toward road 40, are forbidden due to rain damages. While the path is not blocked, hazards are clearly marked.

Sayeret Shaked Park

Due to roadworks in the park, travelers are advised to practice caution.

Sapir Park

Spir park is open for visitors, and overnight camping is allowed. Call council member Shimon at 052-6170271 for overnight camping registration.

Hamalachim-Shaharia Forest – Water Status

Due to water infrastracture works, no water are available at the forest until further notice.