Celebrate Hanukkah with KKL-JNF

Hanukkah - a festival of light, warmth, miracles...and nature. Join KKL-JNF on a journey through Hanukkah in Israel. Find out more about the festival of lights, and celebrate Hanukkah at different KKL-JNF sites, on your own, or by registering for one of our Hanukkah events!
  • All about Hanukkah

    Hannukah lasts eight days. It recalls the miracles and wonders that were wrought for our forefathers and marks the victory of the Hasmoneans over the Greeks.

    On the first evening of Hanukkah, one candle is lit, with an extra candle each night, until the 8th day.. This is why Hanukkah is also called the “Festival of Lights”.
  • Ben Shemen Forest

    Enjoy the exciting plethora of hiking, walking and cycling trails in Ben Shemen Forest, and visit fascinating sites related to Hanukkah, such as the Modi'in lookout tower, which symbolizes the Hasmonean revolt and offers breath-taking views over the coastal plain and the slopes of the Samarian Hills; the Hasmonean Tombs; and the archaeological ruins at Tel Hadid.
  • Ayalon-Canada Park

    Hike the scenic route in Ayalon Canada Park and stop at observation points to view the sites where the battles between the Hasmoneans and the Seleucids took place. View the panoramas of Beit Horon and Emaus and visualize the stories about the early battles of the Maccabees in the years 167 to 165 BCE.
  • Israeli Donut Recipe

    Sufganiyot, or Israeli jam donuts, are fluffy pockets of fried yeast dough filled with jam or custard. Fried on both sides in oil, they are a Hanukkah favorite in Israel. Take a bite and you will understand why!

    This easy recipe is from Miki Shemo, a well-renowned Israeli pastry chef.

    This recipe has been translated from the original Hebrew version on the Mako online Food and Cooking Magazine.

Menorah Lighting Blessings

Blessings for Lighting the Menorah


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Maoz Tzur and other Customary Songs

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