KKL-JNF Celebrates Passover in a Special Event

Photograph: Bonnie Sheinman, KKL-JNF
In celebration of Passover, KKL-JNF invites the public to enjoy a wide variety of family activities.
The main holiday event, held at the Shoresh recreation area is the Israeli Spring Festival, which offers creative workshops, children activities, old-style games, a stage show and more.

When? April 24-25, Passover holiday.
Where? Shoresh recreation area.

The festival's attractions include:

  1. Inflateable facilities (all throughout the compound)
  2. Spring music by a band
  3. Israeli circus
  4. Karaoke stage with live music
  5. The funny forest keepers
  6. Talking trees
  7. Jochebed and Moses in the park, making bubbles
  8. Pharaoh and the heroes of the Hagaddah
  9. Old-style games compound
  10. KKL-JNF Box creation workshop
  11. Coloring of the Israeli flag workshop
  12. Yellow flower creation workshop, to raise awareness for the kidnapped Israelis
  13. A wide variety of photography walls