Sustainable Agriculture
Since 1901 in pre-state Israel, KKL-JNF has supported plant and soil research. Today, that support has grown into a network of research and development stations that develop cutting edge methods of farming in arid and semi-arid regions with brackish water. In addition, cheap and sustainable crop irrigation is possible thanks to the 230 water reservoirs and effluent purifying systems that KKL-JNF has built all over Israel, with the support of its friends worldwide. KKL-JNF's support of sustainable agriculture has turned Israel into a powerhouse of innovation.
  • Agricultural Research and Development

    With the help of its friends throughout the world, KKL-JNF funds 50% of the budget of Israel's Research & Development (R&D) stations for agriculture.

  • Agriculture for Food Security and Renewable Energy

    The combination of renewable energy with food production has the potential to increase food security by enabling more production at lower prices..

  • Water for Life

    By developing alternative water sources through water harvesting, building reservoirs and recycling effluents, KKL-JNF has made agriculture flourish in regions that were considered impossible for farming.

  • Land Reclamation for Farming and Security Roads

    KKL-JNF prepares land for farming, giving a much needed boost to agriculture. The security roads improve safety in border communities, allowing farmers to move around freely and children to reach school safely.

  • International Agricultural Cooperation

    KKL-JNF shares its expertise in combatting desertification, water resource management and conserving land through sustainable agriculture and research with countries and international organziations around the world.