Environmental Campaigns
KKL-JNF regularly spearheads and/or plays a crucial role in campaigns to preserve Israel's natural treasures and open spaces for the benefit of the public and visitors from abroad. Read on for more details on current environmental campaigns led by KKL-JNF.
  • Didn’t Clean Up? You’ve Littered!

  • Let’s keep disposable plastics out of Israel’s forests!

    KKL-JNF calls on all visitors to its forests, parks and sites to refrain from using disposable plastic dishes and utensils, bringing them into the forests, and instead to help protect Israel’s environmental surroundings and wildlife.
  • The Struggle to Protect the Jerusalem Hills against New Building Plans

    KKL-JNF, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, Green Course (Megama Yeruka), Mevasseret Zion Local Council, Mateh Yehuda Regional Council and other planning, social and economic bodies have jointly launched a struggle to block a series of destructive building projects in the Jerusalem Hills.
  • The Battle against an Overhead Power Line in the Hula Valley

    The Israel Electric Corporation supports the construction of an overhead power line across the Hula Valley all the way to the Golan Heights. KKL-JNF, Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, however, explain that an overhead power line of this kind is liable to cause the death of many hundreds of birds every year, including members of endangered species.
  • KKL-JNF’s position on oil production from oil shale deposits in the Adullam-France region

    In 2011 KKL-JNF learned that a foreign-owned commercial company had been granted a concession to conduct an oil shale extraction project in Israel’s Adullam-France region. KKL-JNF decided to investigate the matter by means of a committee of experts headed by Dr. Orr Karasin, who is a member of the KKL-JNF board of directors. On June 9th, 2013 the board adopted the committee’s report in full.