Equal Rights for People with Special Needs

KKL-JNF is committed to the Equal Rights Regulations for People with Limitations - Accessibility to KKL-JNF Sites 1998, which require making public places, forests and parks accessible for people with limitations.
Traditionally, the people of Israel have always recognized the special needs of people with limitations. An indication of this can be found in Samuel II, where it is written that “Yehonatan the son of Saul had a son, age five, who was lame in his legs.”

According to the Equal Rights Law for People with Limitations 1996, “The rights of people with limitations are founded on the recognition of equal rights for all people… the rights of people with limitations and the commitment of Israeli society to those rights, based on the recognition of the value of people who were created in the divine image, and the principle of respect for humanity… the purpose of this law is to protect the dignity and liberty of people with limitations, and to firmly establish their rights as equal and active participants in society in all areas of life, and to appropriately provide for their special needs so that they will be able to live their lives with maximum independence, privacy and dignity, and full realization of their potential.”
A blind visitor getting assistance and guidance at the Hula Lake. Photograph: Dror Artzi
Equal Rights Regulations for People with Limitations - Accessibility to KKL-JNF Sites 1998, require making public places accessible for people with limitations and making forests and parks all over Israel suitable, so that people with limitations may freely use the services provided in a public place. KKL-JNF, as a public organization that deals, among other things, with recreational services and tourism in natural surroundings, sees itself as committed to this issue.

The general approach among KKL-JNF's planning personnel is to enable access for people with limitations to all places and sites where the physical variables allow it, in accordance with the principles of universal design.