Birdwatching Sites
Stationed on the crossroads between Europe and Africa, Israel is a key migration channel for birds during the winter and spring periods. KKL-JNF has established beautiful parks to provide resting stations for these birds and the opportunity to observe and study them. Come and see for yourself!
  • Hula Lake Park

    Hula Lake Park has everything a sightseer could wish for: nature, beauty, water, birds, animals, environment, biodiversity, geology, history, heritage, education, and research.
  • Rosh Tzipor Birdwatching Centre

    This beautiful park and ornithological site is situated in Rosh Tzipor (Bird’s Head) Forest in HaYarkon Park in the heart of Tel Aviv.
  • Vickar Birdwatching Observation Deck

    The Vickar Observation Deck at the Mishmar HaSharon Reservoir is a wonderful place to watch waterfowl. You can also enjoy a picnic in nearby Alexander River-Italy Park.
  • Lahav Forest: Birding Site at Ein Rimon

    A grove of Mount Atlas mastic trees attracts song birds migrating to Africa during the autumn season.
  • Eilat’s International Bird-Watching Park

    Millions of migrating birds land in Eilat in southernmost Israel to rest and “refuel” before continuing their journey from Africa onwards to Europe and Asia, or vice versa.