Tourism Notifications – Northern Israel

Hosen Recreation Area - Closure of the Car Park

Located near the graveyard of Moshav Hosen in western Galilee - the car park closed down.

Keren HaCarmel Forest

The public restrooms at the recreation area are closed until further notice.

Hof HaCarmel Forest – Closure of the Public restrooms at the Ofer Tower

The public restrooms at the Ofer tower are closed until further notice.

Cabri Ga'aton Forest - the Har Betah and Ga'aton Recreation Areas

Both recreation areas are closed until further notice.

Goren Park– Closure of the Public Restrooms in the Park

The public restrooms are closed until further notice. Mobile restrooms are available for visitors.

Adamit Park– Closure of the Public Restrooms in the Park

The public restrooms are closed until further notice. Mobile restrooms are available at the site.

Biriya Forest

  • Reconstruction works are held at the Nabratein synagogue in the forest.
  • The restrooms at the Biriya Fortress are closed until further notice.

Tzipori Forest

Due to polluting sewage that washed into the Tzipori stream, the public is advised to avoid contact and keep a distance from the stream's water

Zavit Cave

The Zavit Cave at the Upper Galilee is a unique natural phenomenon, with amazing corals, stalactites and stalagmites that keep developing to this very day. The cave is known as the "Salamander Cave" due to the increased presence of salamanders in it.
Other than the salamanders, the cave also hosts four different species of bats, who reproduce within the cave and go finding food outside at night.
In the past few years, many travelers have visited the cave, unintentionally damaging its natural structure and fauna.
The Israeli law protects the bats, stalactites, stalagmites and salamanders who live in the cave, and any harm caused to them is an offence.
KKL-JNF in collaboration with other nature preservation and cave research organization has started the process of ecological rehabilitation of the cave. The cave is open for visitors every year from June 15 to October 31.

Dvora Mountain - Recreation Area Closure

On April 23, the Dvora Mountain Recreation Area will close down due to development work.

Ein Alwa Closure

On May 7, Ein Alwa will be closed to visitors until further notice due to works.

Meron Mountain

Starting July 4, the Meron Mountain recreation area will be closed due to works until further notice.

Biriya Landscape Road Section Closure

Due to road works, the Hatzor-Amoka section is closed until further notice.

Meron Landscape Road Closure

Due to IDF vehicle traffic, the road is closed until further notice..

Beit Keshet Landscape Road - Temporary Closure

The road leading from Nof HaGalil-TAAS to the Churchill recreation area will be closed for about two months, due to works

Mevo Hama Forest, Mevo Hama Landscape Road and Katzerin Recreation Area

Due to flood damage, the foerst, landscape road and recreation area are closed.

Harei Naftali Forest

* Closure of the Harei Naftali Scenic Route –
The Harei Naftali Scenic Route (in the section of the Harei Naftali Scenic Route from Yiftah to Tel-Hai) is impassible for the public. In light of the IDF's movements, the road is damaged and unsuitable for passage by vehicles.
* Closure of Harei Naftali Single –
The Harei Naftali Single was closed. As a rule, the public is not allowed to move in the area of Al-Nabi Yusha' and Harei Naftali, due to the IDF using this area for operations.
* Closure of Rock-Climbing Sites –
The rock-climbing sites in the Harei Naftali Forest are closed to the public. A notice will be issued upon their reopening.
* The HaEla Campsite has no active water point. In light of the instances of vandalism, it was decided to disconnect the water source there.
* Closure of the Palmach Trail –
Due to safety deficiencies, the Palmach Trail in Harei Naftali is closed to the public.

Switzerland Forest

1. The Guttman Campsite in the scenic route of the Switzerland Forest was closed immediately to the public. The Campsite will be set up in another location on the scenic route. A notice will be issued in the future regarding its new location and opening.
2. Due to a water leak, there is no water in the night camp of the Switzerland Forest.

Shimshit Lanes

As of Sunday, May 5, 2024, accessibility works will begin on the Shimshit Trail in Zippori. The work will include asphalt repairs along the entire trail, cleaning, repair of hazards and more. The trail will be closed for about 3 weeks, we will update you when the work ends.