Tourism Notifications - Central Israel

Eucalyptus Recreation Area Closure

The Eucalyptus Recreation Area in Beit Shemesh is closed due to upgrade works.

Kula Forest – Closure of Warriors Path

The Warriors path will be closed from June 21st, 2021 until further notice due to forest works.

The Martyrs Forest

The green-marked dirt road (Road 9353) which passes through the Judea Mountains National Park, is closed to motor vehicles, and is open for foot travelers and cyclists only.

Hulda Forest – Herzl House

Herzl House will be closed to visitors until further notice.

Haruvit Forest - Closure of the Public Restrooms at Halo'hem Recreation Area

The public restrooms at recreation area are closed until further notice.

Modi'in Forest – Temporary Detour for the Israel National Trail

Due to development works in the bridges of the Anava interchange, a two-kilometer detour has been marked for the Israel National Trail.

Aminadav Forest - Ein Hindak

The Ein Hindak spring on the springs path is closed to the public due to a collapse hazard.

Sataf - Nahal Sorek Trail

The Nahal Sorek trail from the Sataf's lower car park to the water cleansing facility is closed to the public due to hazards.

Britain Park – The Luzit Caves

The Luzit caves are closed for visitors. Entrance to the Tel Goded caves has been blocked.

American Independence Park

  • Arrival and travel through Ein Al-Marj near the stalactite tunnel are extremely dangerous. The site is closed for travelers.
  • Entrance to the Cesar Trail, from Horvat Hanut to the Beit Habad car park, along Road 375, is forbidden due to a severe safety hazard.

Closure of the Shen Hapil Recreation Area

The Shen Hapil recreation area, underneath Har Nof,  is closed due to interchange development work.

Hadera Forest

KKL-JNF closed the picnic recreation areas in the northern part of the forest due to security hazards. An overall plan for the development of the forest for the public is being put together.

Mitzpe Modi'in Amphitheatre - Events

Events cannot be held at the Mitzpe Modi'in Amphitheatre until further notice.

Britain Park – White Strip at the Entrance to the Srigim Recreation Area for Travelers Coming from Road 38

To enter the recreation area, drivers are required to drive toward Ajur and make a U-turn.

Adulam Park

 1) The hiding tunnels at Horvat Atri are now open to the public. 2) The Bell Cave is closed due to hazards.

Ramat Menashe Park – Nahal HaShofet Entrance

The Nahal HaShofet site is going through upgrade works. It is yet to receive all the necessary safety approvals, and is closed to visitors until further notice. 

From October 10, 2023, there will be no access to the Ramat Menashe Park through the park entrance from Road 66 due to the upgrade works. No overnight camping or any other activity will be allowed in the Gahar recreation areas.

Jerusalem Forest - Herzl Section

Work is complete at the Herzl section which connects the Bnei Zion/Yad VaShem junction with the to the Pirchei Chen street. A few modifications are still needed in providing access to parking areas and the instllation of several benches, as well as connections to the Erez Trail. Travel along the trail is permitted, but travelers are advised to come prepared.

Kennedy Memorial - Upgrade Works (Update)

Due to upgrade works, the site will be closed for visitors until further notice.

Nes Harim

The restrooms in Nes Harim are out of order due to lack of proper authorization. The closest restrooms are at Bar Bahar

Ramat Menashe Park - Megido Trail

The Megido trail at the Ramat Menashe Park is now open for travelers. The 70-kilometer trail is for experienced walkers, and is not meant for cyclists. The trail, marked in purple, replaces the old Ramat Menashe trail, which was marked in orange.

Mt. Horshen Forest - Alona Park

Due to forest works at Mt. Horshen Forest (Alona Park), certain sections of the site will occasionally close.

Asam-Porat Car Parks Closure

The Asam-Porat car parks on road 70, between the Eliakim junction and Yokne'am, will be closed from May 22nd until further notice, due to expansion roadworks on road 6. The public can arrive at Sha'ar HaCarmel car parks on road 672, north of Eliakim.

Closure of the Canada Recreation Area (Road 386)

Starting July 4, the Canada Recreation Area on Road 386 will be closed due to works that are expected to conclude in 2026.

Ben Shemen Forest – Restrooms

The restrooms in the forest are closed until further notice.

Tzora Forest

Upgrade works to the forest's entrance from road 44, the Sweden Park and Shimshon trails will start on August 23 and are expected to continue for about six months. Relevant sections will be closed.

Ilanot Visitor Center and Botanical Garden

The garden is open for visiors from 8:00 to 19:00. Accessible restrooms are available, as well as accessible trails.

Groups can reserve guided tours through email at the visitor center hosts individuals and groups, call 09-8974800 for details.

Begin Park - Archeological Digs

Due to expansion plans on Road 375, archeological digs take place at the Livnim Ruin. Works are expected to conclude within a month or two.

Ayalon-Canada Park

  • Starting November 6, the park will open again for travelers, from 05:30 to 18:00.
  • From December 4, for a period of about two months, the scenic lookout road (marked in black) will be closed due to vehicles, cyclists and foot travelers. upgrade works. KKL-JNF created a detour allowing access to the HaGoral HaShvi'i single. Access to the single is allowed from the southern entrance.

Har Eitan Recreation Area

Due to the war, the Har Eitan recreation area is closed until further notice.

Naftuch Lookout

For security reasons, the lookout is closed to visitors.

Kadima Forest

The forest is closed to vehicles. Foot travel and cycling in the forest are allowed.

Zechariah Single Closure

The single will be closed starting November 27 until further notice due to works.

Coastal Plain Forests Restroom Closure

Restrooms are closed in the following forests:
Mitzpe Modi'in at the Ben-Shemen Forest
Active Recreation Area at the Ben-Shemen Forest
Ayalon-Canada Park, east and west
Zeitim Recreation Area at the Tzora Forest
Hulda Forest - the restrooms will remain open on Friday and Saturday, on advertised hours.

Neve Ilan Forest

The entrance gate to the forest within the town after the banquet hall, is closed for security reasons.


Due to trimming works at the streams area, visitors will not be allowed to spots were trimming takes place between 07:00 and 15:00 from January 21 for about 3 weeks.

IMBA Cycling Track

The IMBA ("Rechasim") track is closed due to security hazards. Cycling in the track is extremely dangerous!