International Research Cooperation
KKL-JNF has attained major international status in global frameworks. This reputation is based on the understanding that many of the challenges that KKL-JNF faces in Israel are similar to the problems tackled by many other nations around the world. Organizations, institutions and governments worldwide relate to KKL-JNF as a partner for environmental projects with global ramifications.
  • The Achievements of International Research Cooperation

    By cooperating with international forums, organizations and countries, KKL-JNF helps promote solutions for a greener and better world
  • International Forums

    KKL-JNF also takes part in major international forums, exchanging valuable information and cooperating on various subjects, ranging from forestry to climate change
  • Binational and Regional Cooperation

    Besides taking major part in international forums, KKL-JNF is maintaining continous binational and regional cooperation