Terms of Use

Welcome to the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (hereinafter “KKL JNF”) website. KKL JNF provides the information on this online service on the Internet site whose address is https://www.kkl-jnf.org/ (hereinafter the “service”), according to the following terms.
The term “user” hereinafter refers to any person who contacts or relates to the service.


According to the extant copyright laws in Israel, and according to international conventions, the copyrights in KKL JNF publications, including those published in this service, belong to KKL JNF. These copyrights apply, inter alia, to text, pictures, illustrations, maps, audio segments, video segments, graphics and software applications (hereinafter the “protected material”), unless it has been specifically determined that the copyright for any of the protected material belongs to another party.
Notwithstanding, if you think that the copyright for any particular content on the website belongs to another party, or that it was created by another party than as indicated on the website, we would ask that you inform KKL JNF of this immediately, including the details of whoever claims possession of the copyright, so that KKL JNF may check and correct the information if necessary. Please contact KKL-JNF by email at: contact@kkl.org.il.
The user is entitled to make “fair use” of the protected material of KKL JNF according to the rules determined by law. Fair use includes reasonable quotation of any protected material, while making sure to give credit to the name of the content creator/s (whether KKL JNF or another party), its source and where it was found on the KKL JNF website.
The user may not distort the protected material, damage it, alter it in any other way or do anything else to it that constitutes any deprecation of the protected material, which could harm the honor or the good name of the creator or of the copyright owner.
In accordance with copyright law, the user may not copy, republish, publically render, broadcast, make available to the public or advertise protected material, create something based essentially on a creation of KKL JNF, or lease such creation/s or use them for any business without clear, advance, written permission from KKL JNF.

Contacting KKL-JNF

Any question/s about this service, and any other questions related to the work of the organization, should be directly addressed by email to contact@kkl.org.il.


There are links to other websites on this service. The following terms will apply to the use of these links, without detracting from any of the other terms and conditions of use. The links are meant for the convenience of the user only.
With reference to links to external websites that do not belong to KKL JNF (third party websites), if not otherwise indicated on this website, there are no legal or financial relations between KKL JNF and the owners of the third party websites, and KKL JNF has no control of, or rights to, material found on those websites.
KKL JNF is not responsible for content of material found on third party websites.
Links to third party websites do not indicate permission, recommendation or preference by KKL¬JNF to the linked websites, including to any documents or any other material found on them, to the website coordinators or to any products presented on them.
When any link is included in this service, it means that the information on the linked site was found suitable for the purposes of the service, and that the link itself is intact. Nevertheless, it is possible that over time there may be changes on the linked website. If the user thinks that the website or the linked material is unsuitable, or if it was found that the link was not intact, he is asked to inform KKL JNF about it by contacting contact@kkl.org.il.
Also, if the user thinks that there is another website that is relevant to a topic on this website, he is also asked to contact KKL JNF about it by contacting contact@kkl.org.il.

Making a Request for Credit

If the user thinks that the service has made use of any kind of material, including text, pictures, videos, and so on, and that proper credit was not given to him, the user is asked to contact KKL JNF by email at contact@kkl.org.il.

The request will be reviewed and a correction will be made if necessary, according to the judgment of KKL JNF, according to the appropriate scope and measure of the circumstances of the matter.


The service is supplied to the public “as is”.
KKL JNF will bear no responsibility for suiting the service to the needs of the user. It will also bear no responsibility for mistakes or errors in the information presented on the service.
KKL JNF will bear no responsibility for changes made to the material presented on the service by the user or by any third party.
Only the user will bear responsibility for the way he uses the service.
KKL JNF will bear no responsibility for damage caused to the user or to any third party as a direct or indirect result of using the service, including damage caused by using software applications downloaded directly through the service or activated as a result of using the service, including Internet applications (such as cgi Java, Active-X and JavaScript). For this article, the reference to KKL JNF includes its employees and representatives.
KKL JNF is entitled to close the website and/or to change its format and the services provided on it, without giving any prior notice. The user may make no claims or complaints in this matter.

Legal Jurisdiction

For any matter or issue related to and/or deriving from this website and/or from the terms and conditions above, only the essential and procedural law of the State of Israel shall apply. The sole place of jurisdiction for any matter related to and/or deriving from this website and/or from the terms and conditions above, will be the courts of law so authorized in the city of Jerusalem only.