Magazine Articles

  • Photo: Eitan Vitkon

    The Lifeline of the South

    By: The Times of Israel
    Photo: Eitan Vitkon
  • Animal therapy makes a difference for children from Sderot. Here is how

    By: Jerusalem Post
    Photo: Noa Dotan
  • Providing resilience to the embattled residents of Sderot

    By: Jerusalem Post
    Photo: Dorel Abramovitz
  • ‘17 of my neighbors were killed by Hamas,’ KKL-JNF Board member shares

    By: Jerusalem Post
    Photo: Yossi Zelinger
  • KKL-JNF helped build the Gaza border communities and will do so again

    By: Jerusalem Post
    Photo: Bonnie Sheinman
  • KKL-JNF and the State of Israel Through 75 Years of Zionism and National Development

    By: Makor Rishon
    Photo: Aerial photograph, Moradgan
  • Wildfire Season is Approaching: Start Summer Responsibly, Protect Forests and Open Spaces

    By: Channel 7
    Photos: Amos Luzon, KKL-JNF Photo Archive
  • What Has the Jewish National Fund Got to Do With Renovating the Ben Gurion Desert Home or With Investment in Education? KKL-JNF Explains

    By: Yoav Doron
    Photos: Ilan Shacham, KKL-JNF Photo Archive
  • Special KKL-JNF Educators Seminar: Hundreds of Educators from All Over the World Tour and Study in Israel

    By: Channel 7
    Photo: Yoav Lin, KKL-JNF Photo Archive
  • Vandalism in KKL-JNF Forests

    By: Srugim Website
    Photo: Jorje Novomeysky, KKL-JNF Photo Archive