Community Development

Whether it is building new communities; preparing land for farming and security roads; developing parks, trails and community forests; or creating green parent-soldier meeting points, KKL-JNF, together with its Friends worldwide, is there for people and their environment.
  • Central and Southern Arava

    The Arava region is the desert valley that extends from the Dead Sea to Eilat, along Israel's border with Jordan. Most Arava residents rely on farming for a living, and KKL-JNF's know-how helps them thrive.
  • The Negev

    The Negev is Israel’s southern desert region and its largest reserve of land for conservation and development, yet its potential remains largely untapped. KKL-JNF plays a key role in promoting its sustainable development
  • The Galilee

    Israel's beautiful northern region is full of natural and cultural landscapes; historical sites reflecting a rich human tapestry. KKL-JNF is committed to ensuring the sustainable development of this peripheral region.
  • Sustainable Agriculture

    KKL-JNF's support of sustainable agriculture has turned Israel into a powerhouse of innovation, and has transformed the communities of the Negev, the Arava and the Galilee economically and socially.

  • Protecting People in Israel's South

    KKL-JNF, together with its Friends worldwide, helps people in Israel's south live a normal life. In light of recent events, KKL-JNF's work has become more vital than ever before.

  • Parks that Make a Difference in Peripheral Communities

    KKL-JNF develops parks that create change. Many of them are accessible to provide the best recreational opportunities for one and all.

  • Walking Trails and Bicycle Paths in Israel

    Whether you like to walk, run or cycle, KKL-JNF gives you the best routes in nature.

    Walking and Hiking Trails | Bicycle Paths

  • For Soldiers and Their Families

    KKL-JNF provides IDF soldiers with beautiful greenery and welcoming picnic areas to enjoy quality time with their visiting families. The worthiest cause in the world!