Forestry and Ecology Research

Working with other academic and scientific institutions both in Israel and abroad, KKL-JNF funds research that impacts agriculture and the environment. KKL-JNF also shares its extensive knowledge, particularly in the fields of desert afforestation and agriculture, water management and biological pest control, with developing countries in other parts of the world.

KKL-JNF has been conducting studies for many years in the open spaces and ecosystems it manages in Israel. These include forests, native woodlands, streams, pasture land and others – habitats that are gaining significance in densely populated Israel. KKL-JNF’s research aims at preserving and supporting the services these ecosystems provide for the benefit of people and society in Israel.

KKL-JNF research projects are carried out together with outstanding Israeli scientists from the top universities and research institutions in the country: Tel Aviv University, the Weizmann Institute, the Technion, Haifa University, the Agricultural Research Organization’s Volcani Center, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ben Gurion University and the Soil Erosion Research Station.

The topics studied are numerous and varied; they focus on the natural ecosystem and its services, landscape and biodiversity conservation and forest management in varying conditions. The purpose of this research is to find solutions for issues related to species improvement, pest control, soil conservation, water economy and optimal forest resource and visitor management.

  • Professional Materials

    Journals, abstracts, research papers and summaries, translated into English.
  • Not Science Fiction: What Do Migrating Cranes at the Hula Lake Have to Do With Laser Rays?

    The 21st century is here, and KKL-JNF uses advanced technology to protect the environment. The case of the migrating cranes is a shining example.
  • Saving the Sabra (Prickly Pear) Cactus

    Saving the Sabra (Prickly Pear) Cactus

    The story of the campaign to save the prickly pear cactus, famously known as the Sabra, from the Cochineal scale insect using biological pest control spans continents.
  • Saving Eucalyptus Trees Worldwide

    Saving Eucalyptus Trees Worldwide

    This unique projects with enormous economic ramifications is connected to, of all things, a tiny insect discovered by Israeli scientists working in distant Australia - thanks to generous funding from JNF Australia.
  • By ©entomart, Attribution,

    Aphids, Moths and Pested Pines

    The processionary moth is a harmful pest in pine forests and constitutes a health hazard. A fatal aphid has been wreaking havoc on Israel's pine trees. KKL-JNF has become an expert in protecting trees from the two.
  • Raptors in the Forests

    Raptors in the Forests

    Open spaces that are important wildlife habitats are becoming smaller, especially in central Israel. Studying raptors in this region helps us understand the importance of preserving nature and open spaces.