Pesach - Passover

In Jewish tradition, Pesach is also known by two other names: The Time of our Freedom and The Festival of Spring. Celebrate Pesach with KKL-JNF, and experience the joys of freedom and spring for yourself!
  • Spring and Redemption- the KKL-JNF connection

    KKL-JNF was founded in 1901 to help Jews return to their ancient homeland and live as a free people. Today, KKL-JNF continues to redeem the land of Israel, not by purchasing it, but by making it greener and more beautiful.
  • Pesach in Israel - The Spring Festival

    In Israel, Pesach is always celebrated in the spring. Due to the discrepancy between the solar and lunar calendars, we add an additional month every four years, to ensure that Pesach will always be celebrated in the right season.
  • Pesach Recipes - Israeli Style

    A selection of delicious recipes for Passover. A number of the ingredients are grown successfully in Israel's desert regions, thanks to KKL-JNF's agricultural expertise. Bon Appetit, or, as we say in Hebrew, Betayavon - בתאבון!
  • Cleaning the House and Caring for the Environment

    For the traditional spring cleaning before Pesach, here are some ways to remain environmentally friendly while you clean.