Combating Desertification
In Israel, the concept of pushing back the desert was accepted long before anyone had coined the concept of 'climate change'. Over the years, KKL-JNF has invested extensive resources in a broad ecological and environmental program to combat desertification and to heal degraded land.
  • Healing a Degraded Land

    Research has shown that suitable ecological treatment in semi-arid areas can prevent soil erosion and stop desertification.
  • What Does Combating Desertification Mean?

    KKL-JNF is committed to combating desertification in the Negev and is highly involved in research on afforestation, agriculture and water issues in desert conditions.
  • Desertification - A Global Issue

    As a country that is largely arid, Israel has met the challenge of managing desert lands and combating desertification. KKL-JNF is the leading body in this field and is more than willing to share its expertise with countries around the world.
  • Limans help conserve the Negev

    The Negev landscape is dotted with limans, earthworks that collect floodwater by damming a gully or streambed. The dam slows the flow of the accumulated runoff water so that it permeates the soil, allowing small groves of trees to flourish.