International Forums

KKL-JNF also takes part in major international forums, exchanging valuable information and cooperating on various subjects, ranging from forestry to climate change

United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF)

KKL-JNF is taking part in the work of the United Nations Forum on Forests since 2011 as a representative of Israel. Upon its first time participating in a forum convention, a KKL-JNF represntative was elected to head the UNFF group of Western European and North American countries.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC)

Israel, which currently has observer status at the annual gatherings of the United Nations Climate Change Conferences, sends an official delegation every year, consisting of government ministers and top representatives in the environmental and business sectors including professionals representing the KKL-JNF.
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KKL-JNF representatives at the UNFF. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive

United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP)

As part of the United Nations Billion Trees Campaign initiated in 2007 and sponsored by the UNEP in Kenya, KKL-JNF pledged to plant six million trees over the next ten years. The pledge was made on January 27th, which is the official day designated by the United Nations to commemorate the Holocaust. The pledge to plant six million trees in memory of those who perished in the Holocaust takes on special significance for KKL-JNF as an organization. The project enables us to enhance environmental quality in Israel and the planet by sequestering harmful carbon from the atmosphere, while at the same time creating a living memorial to the six million Holocaust victims.

The United Nations Department of Information (UN-DPI)

In 2003, KKL-JNF was accepted as a non-governmental organization member of this United Nations body. Its representatives participated in the annual conference for NGO's and presented its activities in the fields of afforestation, fighting desertification and river reclamation.

International Association of Mediterranean Forests (IAFM)

Since 2000 KKL-JNF has been active in the IAFM, exchanging information and cooperating on various subjects related to forestry.

Community Forests

Urban and community forests play a major role in improving surroundings of cities and towns, providing residents with a touch of nature close to home. This is particularly significant in Israel where over 90% of the population lives in urban environments. For several years now KKL-JNF develops and maintains community forests together with the members of surrounding communities. The number of community fotrests in Israel is constantly growing.

KKL-JNF is a member of the European Forum for Urban Forestry, a unique venue where urban forestry professionals meet scientists and policy-makers. Through the forum we are in contact with over 200 experts on these matters.

International Union of Forest Researcher's Organization (IUFRO) and the Forests to Combat Desertification Organization (FCD)

Together with the IUFRO and the FCD, KKL-JNF sponsored an international conference on afforestation and sustainable forests in April 2007. This was a unique opportunity for KKL-JNF to bring over 200 participants to Jerusalem, among them guest lecturers and renowned academics and professionals in the field of forestry, affording participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience on an international level. Many came from third world and developing countries and viewed first-hand our forest projects and research stations and the pioneering accomplishments we have made in this field.

The Conference allowed other KKL-JNF's activities in afforestation, desertification and water harvesting and our impact on the national and global scene to be highlighted – forging the way for numerous contacts for future international cooperation. The scientific research findings from the Yatir forest are very important not only for Israel, but for arid regions throughout the world, showing that afforestation in semi-arid regions is a viable means of c