Educating children and youth in Israel and abroad for love of the land
"Zionism is rooted in a Jewish spiritual tradition...the basis of its continued existence."

- Albert Einstein


  • strengthens the bond between the Jewish People and their homeland, organizing eco-Zionist seminars for educators and young people from Israel and aroumd the world.
  • organizes informal education camps, activities and seminars that promote discovery and knowledge of the land of Israel and instill KKL-JNF values.
  • restores ancient and more recent heritage sites in the Negev.
  • develops environmental programs with and for all communities in the Negev, Jewish and Bedouin.
  • leads the country in International Clean Up Day together with all the Negev' populations.
  • establishes KKL-JNF Houses- learning and community hubs for academic and social empowerment for youth in Israel's outlying communities, including in the Negev.
  • develops and/or supports pre-military preparatory and educational programs (mechinot), deepening Zionist identity and humanistic values.

KKL-JNF is connecting future generations with the Negev