The David Nahmias Center in Gilat

The David Nahmias Center in Gilat tells the story of how KKL-JNF made the Negev bloom. Facilities include an accessible tree trail, a rescue garden, historic workshops and an experimental jojoba grove.

Information card

Location: The KKL-JNF David Nahmias Center is located at the KKL-JNF compound at Gilat, which is located about 4 kilometers east of Ofakim. The entrance to the site is from Route 25, about 300 meters south of the Gilat Junction, and is reached via the Nasi Junction to the east.
For student and educational groups: 08-9986131
Other groups: 1-800-350-550
Opening Hours: 
Sunday-Thursday, 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM
Entry: Free
Note: Visits to the center are available to groups only, and must be coordinated in advance, using the above contact details. The visit includes a guided explanations.