Submission Requirements

To all Living Green in Israel competition participants:

In response to requests that were received from a number of teams in the south to postpone submission of their proposals due to the security situation, the competition steering committee has decided to take the situation into consideration, and to approve a onetime postponement of submission, until Sunday, July 13, 2014, at 12:00 midnight.

This is a onetime postponement and the new time is final. Due to the tight schedule of the judge's deliberation process and the announcement of the winners, we will not be able to approve any additional postponements.

We wish all the contestants success and hope for quieter times.

The submission deadline is July 13, 2014, at midnight.
Submissions shall be digital only, and include only and all the required documents in the requested format.
Please note:
The material submitted should contain no marks of identification, password or name.
The maximum size allowed per file is 15 megabytes.
Each submission must include five files, as specified below:
1.    The unit plan
The plan must be submitted in PDF format. All the pages must be A3 size with landscape orientation. The file may be up to 18 pages.
The plan file must contain both the conceptual planning of the submission — options both for replicating the model in the space and/or integrating it into an existing space in order to create urban density and a social-community space — and detailed planning of the unit as an actual, physical demonstration center built on the ground, including plans, cross-sections, simulations and diagrams. In addition, the plan file must include, on a single A4-size page, a verbal description summing up the planning principles.
2.    A summary of the plan
A summary of the plan must be submitted in PDF format, on A3-size pages in landscape formation.
This file must contain a selection of three pages from the complete file, to be chosen by the contestant(s). These pages must include both a description of the conceptual plan of the model as part of the urban complex and a detailed plan of the model as a demonstration center. This file must be in high resolution suitable for printing.
3.    A table showing how the model meets the Green Building Code
This table, in Excel format, shall summarize the ways in which the model meets the relevant statutes of the 5281 Green Building Code (see the sample file in Appendix B of the Competition Rules, on the model’s construction at the site selected by the contestants (Hebrew only)). The competition documents include Israel’s 5281 Green Building Code for the construction of residential buildings (see link). Contestants are also advised to see the folder containing the sample project application for 5281 Green Building Code certification, which is available for free downloading on the Israel Green Building Council website, and register for the orientation day for contestants in the competition.
4.    The budget plan (for the professional track only) and adherence to the Green Building Code (for both tracks)
These documents are to be submitted in PDF format, with a maximum of 18 pages, in A3 size and landscape orientation. This file will contain all the additional documents required to prove adherence to the Green Building Code at the selected site. Contestants of the professional track must also include a budget adherence assessment for the project. Contestants may also submit an additional page of proposals for new indices for subjects and/or solutions that are not mentioned in the 5281 Green Building Code as it now stands, with an explanation of the rationale behind the proposed indices.
5.    Contestant information
This file, which must be submitted in PDF format on A3 size paper in portrait orientation, must contain the following:
A registration form, according to Appendix A, signed by each member of the team, and a scan of all additional documents, as necessary (architects’ licenses, proof of registration in the Register of Engineers and Architects, proof of student status, photocopy of Israeli ID card).
For more information about the five submission files mentioned above and full submission requirements, please see the competition documents.