The Terrace Lookout

Hebrew name: Mitzpor Hamirpesset

Mitzpe Ramon

A stunning vantage point on the crater, at the heart of the promenade which stretches along the Ramon Crater mouth. KKL-KNF has built a hanging terrace above the crater chasm, providing a marvelous observation point over the depths of the crater. One could keep walking along the promenade (some 800 m), to Camel Hill (Har Gamal). One could cross road 40, using a pedestrian upper-bridge, go by the Beresheet hotel and visit the Musical Sounds Walkway (Tayelet Hatzlilim), which features sculptures of musical instruments. East of the Terrace Observatory, KKL-JNF has prepared the Albert Katz Promenade, overlooking the magnificent landscape of the crater. In this promenade, too, sculptures were placed. The promenade goes for about 1.5 km, and has at its center a work by sculptor Israel Hadani, which is made of great stone blocks.

Directions: From the parking lot of the visitors’ center in Mitzpe Ramon.

The Terrace Lookout in Mitzpe Ramon. KKL-JNF Photo Archive
The Terrace Lookout in Mitzpe Ramon. KKL-JNF Photo Archive