Shai Dayan Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor Shai Dayan)
Location: Central Besor route
Description: A bench in the shade of a tamarisk tree and an illustrative explanatory panel welcome the visitors to Shai Scenic Lookout. The scenic lookout is only 90 m above sea level and only a few meters above the western bank of Nahal Besor. Despite these supposedly unpromising conditions, the modest observation point affords a view of the expanse between Gaza and Beersheba and as far as the hills of the Judean plain and the Hebron Mountains.
The scenic lookout commemorates the late Shai Dayan (1977–2005) a son of Moshav Dekel. It is worth visiting the site in the afternoon, when the sun’s rays light up the west.
Directions: From Maon Junction (Route 232) turn east on Route 241, drive 900 m and turn north (left) on the dirt road marked with a red trail mark. Drive 3.8 km and reach a junction: right – to Yaakov Harari camping site (100 m) left – to Shai scenic lookout (1.1 km)
Shai Dayan Scenic Lookout in Nahal HaBesor. KKL-JNF Photo Archive