Noam Rosenthal Scenic Lookout (Mitzpe Noam Rosenthal)
Description: The scenic lookout is at the top of a small hill, at the heart of the scenic road of Meitar Forest. At the top of the hill is an old firewatchers’ tower, which has been renovated. The plaza and the columns are faced with pebbles that mark the site of the old forester’s house. The view to the north, over southern Mount Hebron and the Yatir Mountains, is spectacular. Tene Omarim, Ad-Dhahiriya and As-Samu, Mount Hiran and Yatir Forest can be identified from here. A discerning look will reveal the Foresters’ Fortress  in Yatir and Mount Amasa behind it. The Israel Trail passes next to the scenic lookout. Next to the old building is a monument commemorating Noam Rosenthal (1993–2014), an Armored Corps combatant who was killed in a mortar attack during Operation Protective Edge.
How to get here: The entrance to the Meitar Forest scenic road is from Route 60, about 2 km north of the entrance to Kibbutz Kramim (about half a kilometer before the Meitar Pass). The scenic lookout is about 3 km from the entrance to the road (Waze: Mitzpe Noam (in Hebrew), Israel Trail).
Photograph: Yaakov Shkolnik, KKL-JNF Photo Archive