Elik Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor Elik), Holland Park
Description: Holland Park on the outskirts of Eilat is a desert park, in which KKL-JNF have planted some 10,000 trees. A 2-km loop trail is marked within the park. The park is an attraction for both animals and humans. On top of a small hill in the park, KKL-JNF have created Elik Scenic Lookout – which commands views of Holland Park and of the open spaces around Eilat. In the west you can see Mount Shahmon (325 m) – one of the biggest blocks of granite of Eilat. On the other side you can see Eilat, the Gulf of Eilat, Aqaba and the Edom Mountains. The panoramic signs here are very detailed and help with orientation.
Directions: From the traffic circle at the northern entrance (Route 90) to Eilat, drive west 200 m on Sderot Sheshet Hayamim and turn right into a large parking lot. The park entrance sign is about 100 m west of the parking lot. The ascent to the scenic lookout is by means of a footpath, about 300 m from the park entrance.
Photograph: Yaakov Shkolnik, KKL-JNF Photo Archive