Mifgash HaNahalim Observation Point (Tatzpit Mifgash HaNahalim)
Location: Northern Besor Road.
Description: Nahal Grar, 34 km long, begins next to Lehavim. The beginning of its channel is modest, but when the Nahal enters the loess expanses of the western Negev, its channel undermines the soil and creates high cliffs, until it enters Nahal Besor, a kilometer west of the observation point. From here you can see Tel Gama in the east, high above Nahal Besor and the houses of Bureij refugee camp in the west.
The drainage basin of Nahal Habesor covers an area of 3,650 square km, bigger than any other river in Israel that drains into the Mediterranean. The immense drainage basin causes floods, particularly from Nahal Beersheba. Some of the floodwater is collected in the Besor reservoirs upriver and used by the farmers in the area.
Directions: At the entrance to the Besor Road drive one kilometer east and cross Nahal Grar to its northern bank, to the KKL-JNF forest. On the northern bank a well-made road that forks right (north-east) leads to Re’im camping site. Continue on the Besor road for another 1.5 km, to a kind of observation deck that overlooks the place where Nahal Grar enters Nahal Besor.
Photograph: Yaakov Shkolnik, KKL-JNF Photo Archive