Besor Reservoirs Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor Ma'agarei Besor)
Location: Southern Besor route
Description: A paved path ascends the slope of the artificial embankment, the top of which is more or less level with the upper end of the side of the southern Besor reservoir. This is a huge reservoir, with a volume of 4 million cubic meters. From the observation point you can see the entire Besor reservoir system. Below, next to the large channel of Nahal Besor, is the reservoir known as the Lower Rehovot Reservoir. This is a side reservoir that receives the floodwater that flows in Nahal Besor and the water flows from it by means of pumps and pipes to the Southern Besor Reservoir and the Upper Rehovot Reservoir, which is north of Nahal Besor’s channel and can be seen well from the scenic lookout. The Besor Reservoirs enable irrigated agriculture on a large scale in the Western Negev.
Directions: The short road to the site forks from the Gvulot–Tze’elim road (Route 22), 2.5 km north of Tze’elim Junction (between Km markers 186–187). Drive 1.5 km, the embankment of the Southern Besor Reservoir follows the road on the right. After 1.5 km, turn right, drive another 500 m and reach the Besor route. The scenic lookout's parking lot is about 300 m to the south.
Photograph: Yaakov Shkolnik, KKL-JNF Photo Archive