Peace Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor HaShalom), the Peace Route (Derekh HaShalom)
Location: The Peace Route (Derekh HaShalom) is the name of a paved 24 km road that passes along the border between Israel and Jordan. Visitors can enjoy the sight of the fields of the moshavim of Idan, Hatzeva, and Ein Yahav, the scenic lookouts overlooking the views of Nahal HaArava and the Edom Mountains, the sight of the reservoirs that water the fields of the Arava and tours of the picturesque Lisan formation badlands. There are also scenic lookouts along the route.
Description: The roofed observation deck of the Peace Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor HaShalom) is built in a shape and color that blend in well with the surroundings. The columns honor the donors, friends of KKL-JNF who help the villages of the Arava. There is an illustrative panel in the scenic outlook. From here you can see the impressive views of Nahal HaArava and the Edom Mountains.
Directions: From the Arava Road (Route 90) turn towards Idan. The entrance to the Peace Route is before the gate of the moshav. The Peace Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor HaShalom) is 1.1 km south of the entrance to Hatzeva reservoir.
The Peace Lookout in the Central Arava. KKL-JNF Photo Archive