Paran Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor Paran)
Location: Central Arava, near Moshav Paran.
Description: Paran Scenic Lookout is located at the top of a hill near the Arava Road. Near the scenic lookout are Mekorot reservoirs and tall antennas. KKL-JNF has built an observation deck at the site that overlooks Moshav Paran, the expanses of the Arava and the Edom Mountains. From the scenic lookout you can see Jabel Haroun in Jordan, the peak where according to tradition Aaron’s tomb is located. At the scenic lookout KKL-JNF have erected illustrative panels.
Directions: From the Arava Road (Route 90) turn towards Moshav Paran and immediately turn left on a good dirt road, which ascends to the reservoirs and the observation point.
Photograph: Avi Hirschfeld