Yoss and David Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor Yoss VeDavid)
Location: Tzvaim Spur (Shluhat Tzvaim) scenic road, Lower Galilee.
Description: An observation pavilion overlooking the scenery of Mount Tabor and Givat Hamoreh from an unusual angle, and the area of Moledet and Ramat Zvi and Mount Gilboa. Next to the observation point is a small, intimate wood with a few picnic tables. The scenic road overlooks the heights of the eastern Lower Galilee and Nahal Yissakhar that transverses them.
Directions: A. From the Afula–Beit Shean road (Route 71) turn north towards Ramat Tzvaim industrial zone (next to Kfar Nahum). The scenic road begins next to the industrial zone. B. From Route 717, next to the entrance to Moshav Ramat Zvi.
Yoss & David Observation Point. Photo: KKL-JNF Archive