Tel Shimron
Location: Lower Galilee, near Timrat.
Description: A spectacular view of the Jezreel Valley and Mount Carmel from the summit of a hill to the north of Nahalal. Below the summit of the hill lies Nahalal Cemetery, the resting place of Moshe Dayan and of the astronaut Ilan Ramon. Remains of ancient settlements were found at the site and a nature reserve on its southern slope preserves a thicket of Faidherbia albida, a treeknown as apple-ring acacia or winter thorn.
Directions: From Nahalal Cemetery's parking lot, Route 75, 800 m east of Nahalal Junction. From the parking lot walk about 3 minutes up the path that ascends to the summit of the hill
Tel Shimron Observation point. Photo: KKL-JNF Archive