Shavit Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor Shavit)
Location: Hanita Forest.
Description: The scenic lookout, on the western outskirts of the forest, is a large plaza floored with white tiles. KKL-JNF has placed benches in the plaza and planted oak trees. The view is spectacular, and the illustrative panel helps visitors to identify the main sites visible from here, including the Sulam Ridge, Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra, Nahlieli Island and Akhziv Island, Haifa and Mount Carmel, Matzuva, Kabri hill, and of course the wide spaces of Hanita Forest sprawling below the scenic lookout. There are three picnic tables next to the scenic lookout. The scenic lookout is disabled-accessible. It is named after Yehuda Shavit, who was head of Matte Asher Regional Council.
Directions: Drive from Shlomi towards Kibbutz Hanita (Route 8990). Pass the entrance to the Tower and Stockade site in the forest and continue on the road for another 900 meters. Turn right from the road that ascends to the kibbutz and continue on the paved road (the old road to the kibbutz) for 500 m to the observation point.
Shavit Observation Point. Photo: KKL-JNF Archive