Ofer Scenic Lookout (Mitzpe Ofer)
Location: Western Carmel.
Description: Marks the end of the scenic road. KKL-JNF has built a fire watch tower at the scenic lookout. Due to safety considerations climbing to the top of the tower is forbidden, but the open space below it affords a good view of the spectacular scenery of the Carmel coastal plain, spread out entirely before us.
Directions: A. From the old coastal road (Route 4) turn east between Km markers 182 and 183 towards Kerem Maharal (Route 7021). Drive 2 km and before reaching the moshav turn left according to the sign pointing to the scenic road. B. From the old coastal road (Route 4, between Km markers 182 and 183) turn east towards Merav Center, the cultural and sports center of the Hof HaCarmel communities. Before the center’s entrance, turn left, ascend with the road and connect to the scenic road next to Ofer Scenic Lookout.
Ofer Observation Point. Photo: KKL-JNF Archive