Eitan Levav Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor Eitan Levav)
Location: Adamit Park.
Description: An observation plaza that looks out over the untouched scenery of Nahal Namer and the panoramas of the Western Galilee. There are three picnic tables next to the scenic lookout, one of them wheelchair-accessible. Eitan Levav, of Nahariya, was a combatant and a commander in the Paratroopers Brigade. He was killed in Beirut in the First Lebanon War (1982) at the age of 22. The Eitan Levav scenic lookout and two small picnic sites are in the part of the park to the north of Route 8993. A road of about 1.5 km leaves Route 8993, passes next to the camping sites and the scenic lookout and returns to the road. The two entrances are 150 m apart.
Photograph: Yaakov Shkolnik, KKL-JNF Archive