Mishlat 16, Shayarot Spur (Shluhat Shayarot)
Location: Shayarot Spur (Shluhat Shayarot), Jerusalem Mountains.
Description: A short walk (or 4x4 drive) along the Israel Trail route ascends to Mishlat 16 which served the Palmah combatants during the War of Independence; 200 m from the command post and from the monument commemorating the Palmah combatants (Mount Orna), a bench stands under the shade of a pine tree from which there is an amazing view of Sha’ar HaGai. Shayarot Spur creates a ridge to the south of Route 1 that commands the section of the road from Sha’ar HaGai to Shoresh Interchange. The command posts on the ridge played an important role in guarding the road to Jerusalem.
Directions: From the Tel-Aviv Jerusalem (Route 1) at Shoresh Interchange turn towards Beit Meir. 2.2 km after Shoresh, turn right on the dirt road (red sign). Private car owners park in the parking lot at the side of the road and continue on foot, first on the road marked in red and after 200 m on the road marked in green. 4X4 vehicles can reach the place by car.
Mishlat 16 Command Post lookout in the Jerusalem Mountains. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive