Masua Scenic Lookout (Mitzpe Masua)
Location: Britannia Park, the Judean Plain.
Description: A spectacular observation point at the foot of a KKL-JNF observation tower, which looks out west over the Judean plain and the coastal plain between Tel Aviv and Ashkelon. The wooded hills of the high plain and the foothills of the Jerusalem Mountains can be seen in the east. KKL-JNF have prepared a camping site near the observation tower. The tower is used by KKL-JNF firewatchers and is not open to the public. The name Masua (beacon) refers to one of the Lahish letters: “Then it will be known that we are watching the fire-signals of Lahish according to the code which my lord gave us, for we cannot see Azeka." It seems that the letter, which like the other letters was written on pottery, describes a dramatic moment in the war against Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. Masua scenic lookout is between Lahish and Azeka, and its name therefore is derived from there.
Directions: A paved road ascends west to Masua scenic lookout from the Beit Shemesh–Beit Guvrin road (Route 38, next to Km marker 7).
Mitzpe Masua scenic lookout in British Park. Photo by KKL-JNF Photo Archive