Ilan Scenic Lookout (Mitzpor Ilan), Hurvat Dayar (Dayar Ruins)
Location: Rosh HaAyin Forest.
Description: The observation deck, in memory of Major Ilan Meir Raiz, overlooks Kfar Kasem, Nahal Raba, Route 5 and the slopes of western Samaria in the area of Etz Efraim and Karnei Shomron. At the foot of the observation point is Hurvat Dayar (Dayar Ruins), where the remains of a settlement from the Byzantine period were found. Remains of an oil press and buildings with a few levels of walls built of large rough stones remain. A water cistern completes the picture.
Directions: From Kesem Interchange drive east on the Trans-Samaria Highway (Route 5) towards Ariel. At Rosh HaAyin East Interchange, opposite Afek Industrial Zone, turn right (south) onto Kibbutz Galuyot Street and drive 1.3 km to the intersection with Nahal Raba Street. Nahal Raba Street turns right. To enter the forest, you need to turn left, but because of the “No left turn” sign, continue right on Nahal Raba Street until the nearest traffic circle, make a U-turn and return to the traffic light at the entrance to the forest. Now, to enter the forest continue straight ahead. Drive 1.1 km and arrive at the barrier and the picnic site. From here ascend by foot on the short Wild Flower Trail to the viewing point. When coming from Rosh HaAyin, drive to Nahal Raba Street and at the end of the street continue straight ahead into the forest.
Photograph: Yaakov Shkolnik