Mount Amir Observation Point (Tatzpit Har Amir)
Location: The western slope of Mount Amir ridge.
Description: The location of the observation point, on the western slope of Mount Amir ridge, high above Nahal Narbata and the Nahal Iron Valley (Wadi Ara), makes the place a marvelous observation point. From here the peaks of the Samaria Mountains near Shekhem and the coastal plain from Gush Dan to Mount Carmel can be seen well. KKL-JNF have placed picnic tables on the site and also a panoramic panel with the help of which many of the sites can be identified. The scenic lookout is the starting point for a hiking trail to HaNemerim Canyon and to Umm Reihan Forest.
Directions: Turn from the Nahal Iron road (route 65) towards Katzir and just before the village you will see a KKL-JNF camping site and observation pergola.
Photo: Yaaokv Shkolnik, KKL-JNF Photo Archive