Aharit Davar Trail
Location: Tzora Forest.
Description: The Aharit Davar Trail is at the western end of the Sculpture Trail in Tzora Forest. Drivers will reach the beginning of the trail after 350 m. The trail’s name is derived from the biblical verses describing the destiny of Samson, who brought down the temple of Dagon on himself and on the Philistines. At the end of the ridge, opposite the open view, Nahal Sorek valley is revealed in all its glory. Deir Rafat monastery lies below the ridge and the expanses of the Judean plain and the coastal plain can be seen beyond it.
Directions: Drive on the road leading from Beit Shemesh to Kibbutz Tzora and to Deir Rafat monastery (Route 3835). About 700 m after the kibbutz the Sculpture Trail ascends to the right and reaches the trail. The route is marked with green KKL-JNF signs.
Acharit Davar Trail lookout in the Judean Plain. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive