Har Dvora Overnight Camping Site

This is a camping site and a memorial site at the top of Mount Dvora, in a forest of pine trees and other trees. The site contains picnic tables and secured spots for bonfires. A monument in the site is dedicated to the silver wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth of England and her husband Prince Philip.

Nearby sites: the Israel trail, the Beit-Keshet landscape road, Tavor Mountain, Alonei Tavor Forest, Beit Keshet Forest cycling track.

Location: at the edge of Derekh Ha'galil street in Nazereth-Illit, enter the Beit-Keshet landscape road. Drive about 4 kilometers through the forest and you'll reach the dirt road that reaches the mountain.

Group registration: MaayanBN@kkl.org.il

Har Dvora Overnight Camping Site. Photograph: Yaakov Shkolnik, KKL-JNF Photo Archive