Goren Park

The site is at the top of a cliff overlooking the northern bank of Kziv River. It offers an incredible view of the River Kziv Reserve and the Western Galilee. In front of the park is the Monfort Fortress from the crusades.The park offers five overnight camping spots: Alon, Ela, Klil-Hahoresh, Ktalav and Oren.

Nearby sites: Monfort Fortress and birdwatching site, park and Kziv River trails, and the Tamir and Adamit Park trails.

Group registration: irits@kkl.org.il

Note: restrooms in the park are closed until further notice. Overnight campers are reuqired to book mobile restrooms (available in the park).

Goren Park . Photograph: Yaakov Shkolnik, KKL-JNF Photo Archive