Avinadav Mountain Overnight Camping Site

The site is located at the eastern Gilboa, offering a view of Beit-She'an Valley, Harod Valley, the Gil'ad and the Golan. Even beteer view is offered by the Dubi and Earn Shamir Overlook nearby.

On the site: picnic tables, wooden roofs, olive trees.

Nearby sites: Nof Gilboa Road (accessible to vehicles only), Har Sha'ul Overlook, Disappearing Valley Trail, River Valley trail.

Location: drive through the Nof Gilboa Road, about a single kilometer north to the entrance to Kibbutz Meirav.

Group registration: MaayanBN@kkl.org.il

Avinadav Mountain Overnight Camping Site. Photograph: Yaakov Shkolnik, KKL-JNF Photo Archive