The eaglet's first snake

In the late morning hours, after the new baby's hatching, Yisrael, the proud dad, arrived with the chick's first meal - a juicy chameleon. Keren put the chameleon down on the side and slowly fed the new chick little pieces from it. In the afternoon, the chick was already snacking on larger prey, it seems it was a platyceps najadum (Dahl's whip snake).
In this video, you can see the platyceps najadum (Dahl's whip snake) being brought to the nest, watch the baby bird being fed small pieces of prey, and hear its chirping.

During the next few weeks, the snake eagle couple will be busy protecting the chick from the scorching sun and keeping it warm from the night's chill. As the chick grows, so will the supply of prey increase. The pieces being fed to the chick will increase in size as well, until it will be able to swallow the prey whole - this typically happens when it is 20-30 days old, depending on the size of the prey and the determination of the chick. At that age, the chick will be expected to stay alone in the nest for longer periods, while both partners will be busy hunting the fields.