Volunteer with KKL-JNF in Israel

Get involved in green action in Israel, with a range of volunteer work opportunities with KKL-JNF in a variety of environmental fields all over Israel.

About Volunteer Opportunities

KKL-JNF is involving the public in green Zionist action with a range of volunteer work opportunities in different fields all over Israel.

Opportunities include accompanying groups in the forest, riding as a bicycle patrol, guiding tours, rehabilitating agricultural systems, manning an information booth, and even rolling up your sleeves and growing plants in a nursery.

Every volunteer will learn about KKL-JNF's work and receive professional training in whatever field of volunteer work selected. Every volunteer will also be insured by the National Insurance Institute through the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.
Who is eligible?
Women and men age sixteen and up for whom the environment is important.

The following are some examples of volunteer work opportunities in different places in Israel:
Northern Israel:

Leading group activities: Photo: Yoav Devir

Agricultural work in Sataf. KKL-JNF Photo Archive

Volunteering at the Gilat Nursery. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive

Golani Center (near Golani Junction)
  1. Manning a mobile information station
  2. Working with groups in the forest on forest, land and water topics
  3. Guiding tours in the forest
  4. Leading work groups in the forest
  5. Riding with a group of cycling patrols
Central Israel:
Sataf Center in the Jerusalem Hills
  1. Manning a mobile information station
  2. Rehabilitating agricultural systems in Sataf 
  3. Riding with a group of cycling patrolers
Southern Israel:
KKL-JNF Gilat Center (near Ofakim) 
  1. Guiding tours through the Beit Nahmias (Nahmias House)
  2. Operating multimedia in Beit Nahmias
  3. Guiding tours at the Gilat plant nursery
  4. Cultivating and multiplying cuttings at the Gilat nursery
KKL-JNF Photo Archive
  1. Restoring the Harvard Project photo archive and making the information accessible to the public.

 Find out more about different volunteer tasks (PDF).

Volunteer by Cycling

KKL-JNF invites bike riders to join the volunteer network of cycling patrols in KKL-JNF forests and in the open spaces of the Judean hills and the Judean lowland.

Sunset in Beeri. Photo: Avi Hirschfield

If you are:
  • An experienced cyclist
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Interested in protecting our surroundings
  • Prepared to contribute some of your time
Then you belong with us in a volunteer bicycle patrol unit!
Cycling will be in small groups whose goal is to help KKL-JNF in the preservation of cycling trails, forests and open spaces, and to help visitors with information, guidance and first aid.
Volunteers will receive a training course, a special riding shirt and a volunteer ID card.
For more information call:

Gidi Bashan: +972-50-7694650
Mira Zer:  +972-050-7766261

Form and Contact Details

If you would like to volunteer with KKL-JNF, print out and fill in the following form:

 Volunteer Application Form (PDF)  
Please scan and email this form to Mira Zer at  miraz@kkl.org.il.
For further enquiries and clarifications, please contact Mira at + 972-050-7766261.