Hula Valley - Restoring the Historical River Jordan: Getting the Jordan River Back on Course

The historical course of the River Jordan flows through the Hula Valley from north to south. The original Hula Lake, which was drained in the 1950s, was re-flooded in the 1990s in order to restore the ecosystem that once flourished in the area. The Hula Lake was a large widening of River Jordan, which once flowed through the center of the valley. As part of the restoration of the area, the historical course of the river has been restored. The reintroduction of a river course as a central element of the valley is an important anchor of the area's restoration project.


 Development work at the Park. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive


The Jordan River Back on Course project is one of the central components of the restoration project – the reintroduction of a living water course running through the valley. This will create an ecological corridor, enhance the environmental quality of the project, support diverse flora and fauna, and form a key component in the development of ecotourism and other leisure activities in the area.


A park is planned alongside the course, and over 4000 trees have already been planted to provide hiding and nesting places for the avian population. This riverside park will also provide an important feature for tourism in the area, including walking and cycling paths, small bridges, observation points for flora and fauna, and nesting groves for birds.