Hula Valley – Afforestation: The Enchanted Forest

Afforestation is an important component of the Hula Lake restoration project, and needless to say, KKL-JNF will be bringing all its expertise and experience to play in order to ensure that this aspect is implemented in a professional way. So far, some 30,000 trees have been planted along both sides of the eastern channel. It is planned to plant 50,000 additional orchard, ornamental and shade trees, including plums, pomegranates, olives and eucalyptus, among many other species.


 Photo: Dror Artzi, KKL-JNF Jerusalem


As part of the development of Hula Lake Park, KKL-JNF has undertaken to plant eucalyptus groves in the area, providing shady areas for picnic sites and sitting areas. Trees have been planted along the paths and roads as windbreaks. Around the flooded area, meadowlands are planned. Individual plane trees, poplars and willows will be surrounded by farmed areas presenting diverse colors throughout the year.


The afforestation project will extend across the Hula Valley, approximately eight kilometers south of Qiriyat Shemona. The project will create shady corners for visitors to the area and provide nesting areas for birds.