Sukkot with KKL-JNF

The Sukkot holiday has had special significance for KKL-JNF ever since it was founded. At first, Sukkot was an opportunity for KKL-JNF to raise funds. Before the state of Israel was established, KKL-JNF promoted special Sukkot events in synagogues throughout the world, and during these events, money was raised for redeeming the land and furthering the Zionist enterprise.

As part of its work to increase awareness of its values amongst youth in the land of Israel, the tradition of awarding the "Jerusalem Flag" to the school that raised the most donations for KKL-JNF was instituted. The ceremony during which the flag was transferred to the winning school took place in the courtyard of the National Institutions building in Jerusalem, also on Sukkot.

The Jerusalem Flag transfer ceremony in the courtyard of the National Institutions, Sukkot 1942.
(Photo: Avraham Malvasdy, KKL-JNF Photo Archive)
Today, KKL-JNF invites the general public to spend time in sukkot in its parks and forests throughout Israel. Some of the events and outings that KKL-JNF offers relate to the fact that Sukkot is the harvest holiday, which also emphasizes KKL-JNF's work for the benefit of the forests as Israel's largest environmental organization since it was established in 1901 until today.
Here are a few of the historical advertisements that KKL-JNF produced in honor of the holiday. The KKL-JNF posters on the topic of Sukkot, along with documentation of early fundraising efforts, are preserved as part of the collection of historical documents related to KKL-JNF at the Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem.
Let us build a Sukkah (poster)
From the posters collection of the Central Zionist Archive
A gift from KKL-JNF (poster)
From the posters collection of the Central Zionist Archive
Sukkot - The harvest festival (poster)
From the posters collection of the Central Zionist Archive