Promoting tourism in the Negev as a leverage for growth
"A healthy ecology is the basis for a healthy economy."

- Claudine Schneider


  • develops desert forest parks that are oases in the desert landscape
  • develops scenic attractions, including picnic and recreation areas, scenic road lookouts and accessible paths
  • builds and maintains a network of cycling trails of varying levels of skill for diverse populations in addition to pump tracks. Bicycle repair and hospitality services along the routes are part of the region's economic anchors
  • encourages the development of eco-agritourism attractions in the Negev
  • provides employment opportunities and revenue for local people through its tourism development
  • encourages and supports ventures focusing on agrotourism
  • partnered in developing the new Ramon National Airport in the Arava, making domestic and foreign tourism more accessible to the south and enabling the expansion of services to the region's communities
  • develops overnight camping sites along the Israel National Trail
  • creates promenades and gardens along the streambeds that it rehabilitates, attracting tourists.

KKL-JNF opens the Negev to people from near and far!