Projects in Gaza Firing Range

The communities in Israel's south are within firing range from the Gaza Strip. KKL-JNF supports their determination to live a normal, productive life despite the hardship. The projects listed below this map are just a sample of what KKL-JNF does for these communities, not only in times of emergency, but every day of the year.

The distance of the projects from the Gaza Strip are an indication of the risk taken by the people and the KKL-JNF staff, in hope for a better future for all.

Some of the KKL-JNF projects in Israel's south, and their position within the firing range from the Gaza Strip:

Western Negev Security Plantings 10 km range (~ 6 miles)
Sederot – Sapir College Amphitheater 10 km range
Kibbutz Zikim – Infrastructure for Dairy Sheds 10 km range
Kibbutz Yad Mordekhai – Poultry Sheds 10 km range
Gvar'am Forest – Bicycle Trail 10 km range
Nes Harim FFEC – Hosting Children from the South  10 km range
Be’eri Forest - Chain Bucket Well Restoration 10 km range
Be'eri Forest - Water System Route 10 km range
Be'eri Forest – Bicycle Trails  10 km range
Gilat –The Lookout Park  30 km range (~ 18 miles)
KKL-JNF Heritage Center at Gilat 30 km range
Be'er Sheva – Green Belt Project  30 km range
Shokda Scenic Road  10 km range
The Peace Grove – The Forest Plaza  10 km range