Tsukim, Community and Artist's Village

Tsukim was established in 2004 as a tourism-based community in the central Arava. In addition to having helped create a unique desert resort for tourists, KKL-JNF has helped the community of Tsukim to further grow by preparing land for housing, increasing the number of families from sixty-seven to one hundred fifty-five.

A number of houses were built using local, natural materials and many households use solar energy, recycled greywater and compost. In order to support tourism, which is vital to this community, KKL-JNF, together with the Israel Government Tourist Corporation, participated in the development of two tourism zones in Tsukim, where a variety of environmental activities are offered for families and an artist's village is now being developed.

In addition, KKL-JNF built playground areas for the community's children and a 900- meter promenade along the entrance road, specially designed to blend into the desert landscape. Development was made possible by donations from Friends of KKL-JNF in the USA and Sweden.