Moshav Paran

Moshav Paran comprises some 85 families, with 235 children. Numerous projects ensuring that this desert border community grows and thrives have been made possible by KKL Holland.

They include preparing land for homes, agriculture (including the 301 acres recently prepared for farming), including greenouses, and tourism ventures. As well, infrastructure to prevent powerful flashfloods from destroying the area has been implemented.

Paran Scenic Lookout

The Paran Scenic Lookout is off the Arava Highway, a bit south of Moshav Paran, located at the broad Nahal Paran riverbed. KKL-JNF built a scenic terrace at the lookout, affording a view of the moshav and the area's agricultural fields.

A recognition center was created at the Paran Scenic Lookout in honor of Friends of KKL-JNF in Holland, Canada, Mexico, and the USA, who have contributed to the development of the Arava communities.
The Scenic Lookout was established in honor of KKL Holland.